The Traditional Austrian Restaurant in Innsbruck

The go-to traditional Austrian restaurant in Innsbruck to get local tyrollean food. Experience the art of brewing with our 530 years old beer collection.

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The best restaurant in Innsbruck to explore local austrian cuisine.

The best restaurant in Innsbruck to explore local austrian beer.

Restaurant Stiegl-Bräu Innsbruck: The right place for parties & celebrations and group gatherings in Innsbruck

From the Brew Pub to our modern Stieglitz Beer Bar or Paracelsusstube, at Stiegl-Brau-Innsbruck, you get gastronomic diversity at the highest level.

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Restaurant Stiegl-Bräu Innsbruck is happy to welcome you!

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This restaurant was great. Easy to find good service the waiters spoken English as we don’t speak Austrian very helpful, as I am gluten free and veggie and there a few dishes on the menu that I could have. So four different meals that were very good and nothing was left.

Nedelina T.


We started off with beef broth with cheese dumpling that was heart warming after being frozen from the outside. For mains we had schnitzel and cordon bleu which were tasty and traditional. Recommend this place, which seems to be much better than the other restaurants in the area and the local beer was delicious.

Phillip P.


We wanted a local rather than a hotel meal. We walked into old town, nothing was open or the food was Italian or chinese ect. We walked back towards the hotel and saw some umbrellas on the side of the road and investigated. It was a cold night and the Stieglbrau was warm and the staff even warmer.

MJ Brooks


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